Last Call for Lip Sync Videos!

Lip Sync videos and Grade 6 Memories are due on Wednesday, February 10th.

Help your child register their act and submit their video using the forms below.

Video registration and submission form

Grade 6 Memories registration and submission form

Tickets and Treat Bags are Now For Sale!

Tickets for the show are now available through Amilia! Tickets are $20 per family, and ticket holders will receive a one-time link to the performance on the day of the show.

If you ask your kids what’s the best part of Allenby Lip Sync, many will say…the candy! This year you can order $10 treat bags to be delivered to your home on the day of the show! How is that for VIP treatment?!

Thank you to our generous local dental practice Brush, Floss and Smile, for sponsoring the Lip Sync Treat Bags, and Oxford Learning for sponsoring the Lip Sync 2021 video!

For more information on making or submitting videos, guidelines and ticket sales, visit the Allenby Parents‘ website. If you still have a question, contact