Family Night Out

We’re putting the focus on the kids this Fall as Family Night Out replaces Big Night Out.   This year we’ll bring you affordable, family focused events that will have your children creating, performing and playing their hearts out. And there’s fun for you too!

Family Night Out Coordinators – Meredith Palmer & Serin Benadiba

Date: November 30, 2017

Fun Fair

Fun Fair is a weekend fundraising event for the whole family held the first week in June. Attractions include silent auction, games, rides, kids market, and food.

Fun Fair Coordinators – Meredith Palmer & Serin Benadiba


Lip Sync

Lip Synch is held over two nights in February. The shows allow Allenby students, parents, and staff to strut their stuff as they lip sync to their favourite tunes. Each night’s performance is recorded and DVDs are made available for sale to adoring fans.

Lip Sync Coordinators – Meredith Palmer & Serin Benadiba

Dates: February 22-23, 2018