Community Awareness

The Community Awareness committees focus on keeping parents aware of community developments, particularly regarding education policy, and advising parents on appropriate avenues of action.

Community Awareness committees include:

Director – Krista Chaytor

Public Education Awareness Committee (PEAC)

The PEAC Committee updates parents on developments at the ward, board, and provincial level and acts as a liaison between the APA and parent education groups around the city.

PEAC Coordinator –

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Ward 8

The Ward 8 Council is a forum for the discussion of educational policy and procedure issues among parents and teaching staff. We share information and solve problems. Full meetings of the council are held once a month during the school year. The Coordinator(s) attends the Ward 8 meetings and reports back to the school council.

Ward 8 Coordinator – Stephanie Chong

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French as a Second Language Committee (FSLC)

The FSLC Coordinator is responsible for keeping the Allenby community abreast of developments, discussions, and proposed changes to French as a Second Language programs.

FSLC Coordinator –

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