Family Donations

The Allenby Parents’ Association (APA) is a parent/guardian-run organization that enhances your children’s education through communications and fundraising. All parents/guardians with children at Allenby Jr. Public School are members of the APA and we appreciate all levels of support.

This year, the APA and the school have aligned their budgets to achieve efficiencies in spending on literacy items, STEM resources, arts projects, physical education equipment and health & safety initiatives.  We expect to use our annual operating budget and surplus to spend close to $100,000 on our children this year, well over $100 per child!

To meet this objective, we are asking for a voluntary cash donation to the APA with a suggested donation amount of $50 per child.  Donations of ANY amount are greatly appreciated and are eligible for income tax receipts.  No child at Allenby will be denied access to APA funded services or programs.

To donate, login to your Amilia account online and select the “Fundraising” tab.  Click the donate button and follow the prompts.  Alternatively, you can click the “Donate” button on any page of this website.  Tax receipts will be mailed.