Virtual Lip Sync 2021

Virtual Lip Sync is here!

We may be apart but We’re In Sync, Allenby! The 30th annual Allenby Lip Sync is going virtual! The event will be a pre-recorded video, streamed into the homes of the Allenby community ticket holders via Zoom, on Thursday, February 25th at 7 pm. This fun-filled fundraiser is organized by the Allenby Parents Association and involves students (solos & groups) lip syncing and dancing to their favourite hits. Tickets will go on sale in February.

Start working on videos now!

Acts should be 30-60 seconds long and filmed in landscape (sideways) format. COVID-19 physical distancing protocols apply – please plan students’ acts accordingly and use video apps (Camera App, Zoom, TikTok, etc.) to avoid any in-person gatherings.

All submissions are due by Wednesday, February 10.

Video guidelines

Video registration and submission form

Calling all Grade 6s

Grade 6 students are invited to share a memory about prior Allenby Lip Sync events via short video message, by answering one or two questions in the Grade 6 Memories registration from. These videos will be incorporated into this year’s Lip Sync show.

This year there are also limited MC spots – students can submit their interest in the Grade 6 Memories registration form and if there are more students interested than spots available MCs will be selected by lottery. They will be contacted and given content to record at a later date.

MC requests and video memories must also be submitted by FEBRUARY 10, 2021

Grade 6 Memories registration and submission form

Tickets and Treat Bags

Tickets and treat bags will be on sale on Amilia from February 5 to February 22 or until supplies last. Tickets are $20 per family, and ticket holders will receive a one-time link to the performance on the day of the show.

If you ask your kids what’s the best part of Allenby Lip Sync, many will say… the candy! This year you can order $10 treat bags, delivered to your home on the day of the show! How is that for VIP treatment?!

Treat bags include fun dip, a ring pop, a gummy cup, a bag of chips and a chocolate bar. The chocolate bar is one of Aero/Coffee Crisp/KitKat or Smarties and the bag of chips is from Frito Lay, one of All Dressed/Classic/Cheetos/Doritos/Ketchup.


A huge thank you to the Brush, Floss and Smile dental team for sponsoring this year’s Lip Sync Treat Bags, and Oxford Learning for sponsoring the Lip Sync Video! Please consider using these generous businesses that support our school.

If you have a question, please contact