Help Wanted!

Please visit this page regularly for information on Allenby Parents’ Association volunteer opportunities.

Allenby Fun Fair (June 2, 2018; 12-4pm)

The APA Fundraising Committee is looking for a few more volunteers to join the Fun Fair Committee.  Please contact Meredith Palmer if you are interested in lending a hand.

NEW! APA Giving Committee
The APA is forming a committee to investigate and recommend ways in which the APA might partner with a school in our learning network. A straight donation of funds will not be considered, however there are many other ways to create meaningful partnerships. Please contact Amber Christie if you are passionate about character education for our students, giving and making a difference.

Communications, APA Meeting Streaming Co-ordinator
The APA has been considering live streaming our meetings and we need some help to bring this idea to reality! If you are interested in taking on a small project, or have some experience with different streaming platforms please contact Lisa Parker.

Drop Zone, Traffic Monitors

In addition to our rotating schedule of class volunteers, we are looking for some regular volunteers to take a morning or two each week at our Drop Zone.  Drop Zone runs from 8:45am to 9:10am Monday to Friday.  Helping our students arrive at school safely is an important job in our community.  Please contact Julie Snyder if you are interested.

NEW! Student Nutrition and Wellness Working Group
Meet with the vice principal to discuss the lunch hour at Allenby and brainstorm ideas to support lunch hour at our large school. Contact Louise McCrindle if you are interested.

NEW! Sustainable School Travel Committee
Walking Wednesdays, Walk to School Week, Ride your Bike etc… the APA and the School needs your ideas and time to implement a new program around sustainable school travel. The Ministry of Transportation has recently awarded Allenby with a $1,000 grant to create a new program that aims to reduce traffic congestion around our school. This is an opportunity to create an amazing new program that will work to improve traffic safety around our school, and benefit the health and wellness of our students. Please contact Gillian Uy if you are interested in joining the Sustainable School Travel Committee.