Help Wanted!

Please visit this page regularly for information on Allenby Parents’ Association volunteer opportunities.

Please remember, a current police reference check is required to be a regular volunteer in a TDSB school. For more information on how to obtain a police check, please review the Volunteering at École Allenby Jr. P.S. policy.

NEW! Lip Sync/Fun Fair/APA Executive – Volunteer Opportunities

1. Lip Sync (Feb. 28 and Mar. 1): 

Allenby’s 28th annual Lip Sync will be held the evenings of Thursday, February 28 and Friday, March 1.  If you’d like to help put this great Allenby tradition together, we would love some other sets of hands! We are in particular need for the following:

  • Bling Boutique: Approximately five hours to source and purchase some amazing merchandise and set up shop on the Lip Sync nights. We’ll have volunteers on site to help with sales.
  • Grade 6 MC Coordinator: Approximately 5 hours to coordinate the grade 6 MCs and draft an entertaining script for the two evenings. Attendance at Lip Sync is not required.

2.  Fun Fair (Jun. 1):

We are happy to have volunteers for any of the Fun Fair subcommittees (class baskets, volunteers, games, and rides), but we are in particular need for the following:

  • Prizes: Approximately 15 hours shopping for toys, games, and candy for the very popular Fun Fair Prize Room. 4 hours of set up on Friday, May 31 and a crazy, overwhelming day of fun on June 1. This is best done with a friend (and a lot of patience!).
  • Food: Thinking ahead to next year, this is a “training” opportunity where you will be shown the ropes before having to dive right in. Plan and source an excellent menu of delicious food choices. Approximately 10 hours prepping and planning, 4 hours of set-up on Friday, May 31 and a crazy, overwhelming day of fun on June 1.
  • Sponsorships: Approximately 5–10 hours reaching out to past sponsors and maybe even finding a few new ones. A successful event makes finding sponsors easy, we just need someone with a bit of time to take it on!

3.  APA Executive Roles (Immediately):

We’ve been fortunate to have a very large APA Executive Committee this year, but there are two areas of need: 

  • Secretary: Approximately 5 to 7 hours a month, including attending the APA Exec meeting and APA meeting, taking notes and preparing minutes for distribution.
  • Treasurer: Approximately 10 hours a month starting in a training capacity this year and taking over next year.

Please contact Lisa Parker for questions about any of the above roles.