Character Education Program

Grade 4 Project Give Back (APA Funded)

Every year, the APA funds a very special initiative for all Grade 4 students. Project Give Back is an individualized curriculum based program aimed to enhance responsibility and develop a deep-seated feeling in one’s self to make a difference in the lives of others.

This program follows Ministry specific guidelines geared to enhance the grade 4/5 Language Arts Program.

Part 1 – Research Paper and Presentation

Students will:

  • choose a charity of their choice
  • look up the telephone number of the charity and personally call the organization
  • learn the proper etiquette involved in making a telephone call
  • role play and practice many forms of leaving a message
  • ask these organizations for information including pamphlets, posters, gift cards or anything that will enhance the project
  • learn how to simplify complex information and write answers to specific questions in their own words
  • prepare a written and oral report
  • create a two-minute oral presentation (one lesson is specifically focused on presentation skills)
  • construct an eye-catching, creative, and factual display

Part 2 – Planning and Implementing a FUNraiser

Students will:

  • plan an activity that they will organize, implement, and oversee
  • submit a written outline sharing all details of the event, including set up and tear down
  • create an invitation with all pertinent information
  • utilize problem solving skills to avoid any possible conflicts
  • critique each event to discuss the triumphs and lessons learned
  • each FUNraiser will last ten minutes and will take place in class
  • ideas for FUNraisers may include a dance-a-thon, trivia game, interactive games, sing-a-thon, a talent show or whatever the child creates

Part 3 – Business Letter and Response

Students will:

  • compose a proper business letter addressed to their charity explaining the entire project
  • create a thank you letter specifically designed for each charity
  • share all thank you letters or any acknowledgements
  • each letter will be accompanied by pictures of the display and posters

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