Chairs’ Message

This year has gone by so quickly, it’s hard to understand where the time even went. Feeling a little nostalgic about the year (maybe because we both have children who are graduating from Allenby), we started to think about all of the wonderful work that the Allenby Community and APA has done for our students this year – it’s a lot and it’s come from so many people.

We would like to thank the many volunteers that have together contributed hundreds (probably even thousands) of hours to the school this year. The APA Executive Council has shown a high level of dedication and commitment to ensuring that all of the APA’s programs, events and initiatives run smoothly. The APA’s program coordinators have spent countless hours arranging Hot Lunch, Lice Checks, After 4 classes, Spring Baseball, Spiritwear, Speaker Series, Charitable Giving, Lost and Found, Attendance Verification, School Directory, Newsletter, Drop Zone and the APA Website Our Fundraising Committee has delivered more pizza to students than we can even imagine, and hosted three “can’t be missed” events.

Of course, this all could not have been possible without the support and collaboration of Allenby’s teachers and staff. Thank you to all of the Allenby teachers, those staying and those moving on, Jamie, Renee, Tracey and Sandra for a another successful school year.

Our students and families are so fortunate to be part of the Allenby Community and it is inspiring to see what we can accomplish when we work together. As we close off on another school year, we look forward to next year and invite those continuing at Allenby to continue to be involved in the APA.

Have a safe, restful and super fun summer! See you in September!

Gillian Uy & Lisa Parker
APA Co-Chairs