Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

As I write this, I cannot believe that the next message I write will be my final one for the school year. What a year! A truly amazing one thanks to our staff, students, and families.

Report cards will go home on Tuesday with all students. If a child has started their summer vacation early, the report card will be mailed home in the first week of July. Your child’s class placement for next year can be found on the final report card. Parents please do not rip open the report card envelope in the yard and start comparing class placements for next year. Please help your child get excited about next year by modelling enthusiasm and optimism as you share the class placement with them at home when you discuss the report card. Students will have the opportunity to visit their new class on the last day of school (if they are leaving early other visits cannot be accommodated) and meet next year’s teacher (if they are not new to Allenby as new teachers will be saying goodbye to their students).

Class placement is not an easy process and our staff members take this very seriously. Parents had the opportunity to list four names of potential classmates for their child, if you selected fewer than four, the classroom teacher selected the remaining names as there is no way to accommodate 800+ students wanting 1-2 classmates (as outlined in the parent input letter). Although we did receive parent input as well regarding information that we did not already know about your child, these are not treated as “requests”. We use this information in conjunction with a number of other sources of data and strive to create balances classrooms based on academics, social/emotional factors, behavioural considerations, gender and overall class size. I will not be meeting with parents to discuss class placements.

I want to thank the Allenby Parents Association, especially our APA executive members who have worked many hours alongside the staff and myself supporting student learning.  Special thank you to Lisa Parker the Chair, and Gillian Uy our Vice Chair. Without the support of the APA, parents and community volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do! All Allenby students benefit from the time and effort these volunteers put into our school. If you see any of these volunteers in the community, say thank you.

Best wishes to all our graduates and to those students who will not be returning to Allenby in September. I wish you all much success and look forward to hearing about your future accomplishments.

Over the next week, families, please take a moment to check the lost and found before summer break. Any unclaimed clothing will be donated.

See you next week for the final message of the year!

Tracey O’Toole