Chair’s Message

Fun Fair 2017 was INCREDIBLE! On behalf of the Allenby community, we’d like to thank the entire Fun Fair team for their tremendous effort in planning and executing this year’s Fun Fair.

Fun Fair Co-Chairs
Meredith Palmer
Jen Lenk
Gillian Uy

Fun Fair Committee
Amber Christie         Christina Wolff
Cindy Waxer            Colette Kim
Desiree Klein           Dorothy Chong
Ellen White              Erin Christian
Heather Hough        Kristina Seko
Krista Chaytor          Mario Fiorucci
Mike Fitzpatrick        Heather Lingard
Jennifer Bain            Lisa Rutherford
Paula Riczker           Rebecca Silver
Robyn MacKenzie    Scott Morson

Nomi Rozen (Graphic Design)
Gaël Porteau (Graphic Design)

Thank you to all who attended and supported the event and our school. The sense of community that was created on Saturday was definitely a highlight of Fun Fair. All proceeds from Fun Fair will be used to fund this year’s budget including spending on the STEM Innovation Lab, Experts in the School and Classroom Enrichment Grants.

Thank you!
The APA Team