Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,


As the parent community knows, the APA and the school have been working collaboratively and continuously to improve the traffic safety surrounding Allenby over the course of the year. I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the work that has been done towards this goal.

  • Both Lisa Parker and myself did a deputation in support of Bill 65, specifically in support of photo radar in school zones – last week this Bill passed
  • We advocated for the signage at the intersection of Castlefield and Avenue Road limiting thoroughfare and left turns during key times, also advocated for signage in advance of this intersection alerting motorists – this signage proved ineffective and we are awaiting new signage no longer permitting cars to travel through this intersection at any time
  • Conducted a pilot project with Toronto Police Services, Councillor Carmichael Greb’s office, grade five students and the APA suing photo radar on Avenue Road and in place of issuing tickets, motorists received warnings – over 30 cars were stopped in an hour
  • Second Pilot Project to take place with Mayor John Tory joining us on June 26th at 10 am
  • New Watch Your Speed Sign on Avenue Road for the next month
  • New Drop Zone on Castlefield and extending the Drop Zone for east travelling cars on St. Clements Avenue
  • Drop Zone volunteers extended to classes to encourage more participation
  • New signage to alert motorists of Drop Zones
  • New painting of curbs alerting drivers clearly of no parking zones and Drop Zone


This Tuesday we had the privilege of recognizing and thanking the many volunteers who support the teaching and learning at Allenby during our Volunteer Breakfast. Whether you are a class rep, APA rep, support field trips, volunteer your time to our arts programs, visits by experts or ordering Scholastic for students, to name a few, your support is greatly appreciated. The many volunteers who worked tirelessly to plan Fun Fair to those who worked the day of, making it an unbelievable day filled with community spirit – beautiful weather, excellent food, great games, activities and prizes. Your work is so greatly appreciated and it goes without saying that we cannot do what we do without your support…thank you!

I also want to recognize the members of the APA Executive Council for their work over the course of the year, I don’t believe Allenby has ever had such a large executive and their commitment to supporting your children at school is exceptional. Special thanks to Lisa Parker and Gillian Uy who have worked nonstop this year. I always believed that my work ethic and energy was unmatched, that was until I met these two women. They have advocated for and worked towards ensuring this was the best year yet at Allenby. I cannot thank them enough for their efforts on behalf of staff, students and the Allenby community.

Tracey O’Toole