Athletics Schedule – April 30 – May 4

Allenby Athletics schedule is subject to change. Please ensure your child listens to announcements for any changes to the online schedule. If you have any questions email Mr Barta.

7:45          Grade 4-6 400m Tryouts Track and Field

7:45          Grade 4-6 200m Tryouts Track and Field

7:45          Grade 5/6 Boys Softball Tryouts

7:45          Grade 5/6 Girls Softball Tryouts

7:45          Grade 4/5 Boys Frisbee Tryouts

The first North Conference Track and Field Meet will take pace on Monday, May 7th at Esther Shiner Stadium (Bathurst just North of Finch). Students who qualify for an event will bring a permission form home on Wednesday. If your child qualifies for the meet parents are responsible for making arrangements to transport their child to the stadium or make arrangements with another parent to carpool. The meet begins at 8:30 and students can be dropped off at the stadium at 8:00 and will be supervised by Mr. Barta.

We are not able to secure a bus or take TTC to the meet. We will be able to arrange rides back to school after the meet or will bring students back to school on the TTC.

Thank you for your understanding. A meet schedule of events will be sent home along with the permission form.