What’s in Your Lunch Box?

Thank you to Shez Daya who submitted lunch box ideas for this week. Some great thoughts on ways to make lunch fun and practical as we start the New Year!

Mom, Shez, admits that nothing works better than sending a nutritious lunch coupled with a treat to ensure the vitamin-rich food is consumed! Shez sends treats such as dates, a chocolate chip granola bar or a couple of gummy bears in her child’s lunchbox. Other ideas include waffles with a small amount of syrup for dipping.

Lunch Box Idea:

  • Wow butter (soya butter) with sliced banana on a whole wheat bagel
  • Fruit salad
  • Whole wheat crackers with cheese/cream cheese

Share your favourite lunch box ideas by e-mailing a picture and/or the recipe to Louise McCrindle. You and/or your child will receive credit in the newsletter and feel good knowing that your ideas will help other parents searching for that elusive school lunch solution!

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