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What’s in Your Lunch Box?

Thank you to Shez Daya who submitted lunch box ideas for this week. Some great thoughts on ways to make lunch fun and practical as we start the New Year! Mom, Shez, admits that nothing works better than sending a nutritious lunch coupled with a treat to ensure the vitamin-rich food is consumed! Shez sends […]

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What’s in your lunch box idea of the week

See what’s in Abby and Evan’s lunch box below! An apple or banana Pita pockets with roast turkey or chicken cut into thin slices with cheese, greens and shredded carrots Rice cake sandwich snack (2 rice cakes sandwiched together with wow butter or guacamole) Sliced peppers or carrots Baby tomatoes Hard boiled egg Share your […]

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What’s in Your Lunch Box Challenge Winner?

See what’s in grade one students’ Kaitlin and Chloe Stebbing’s lunch box below. Love the twist on the egg salad! Carrots Celery with cream cheese Yogurt Tapioca pudding Grapes Egg salad and a rice cake to put it on Canned pears Pasta with butter Share your favourite lunch box recipe by emailing a picture and/or […]

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What’s in your lunch box?

Have you or your child discovered a nutritious lunch to pack for school that your child loves to eat? If so, please share your secrets with the rest of Allenby with the launch of our “What’s in Your Lunch Box” challenge! E-mail your favourite lunch box recipe to Louise McCrindle and include a picture of […]

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Principal’s Message

As a concerned school community, we are reminding our Allenby families to NOT send any food products to school that contain peanuts or tree nuts.  We have students with severe food allergies and we try to keep our lunch room and classrooms nut-free.  This applies to all field trips as well.  Thank you for your […]

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