Think Big for Allenby

The APA’s “Think Big for Allenby” campaign is your chance to provide your ideas on how APA surplus funds could be spent to benefit our students and our school. There are two ways that you can submit your “Think Big” ideas:

  1. Come to the APA meeting on March 28th, where we will be brainstorming and discussing spending ideas, or
  2. access the “Think Big” form and provide your ideas before March 21st.

All ideas submitted through our “Think Big” form will be presented at the March 28th APA Meeting. These ideas, along with any additional ideas raised at the meeting will be compiled. Any research, clarification or discussion about the individual ideas will be undertaken by the APA Executive and the school. A short list of ideas will be generated including detailed description and cost to implement. All Allenby parents will be given the opportunity to vote on the ideas, through an online survey in the spring. The APA hopes to present a finalized plan for 2018/2019 spending at the May 30th APA meeting.

We look forward to hearing from you through the “Think Big” form (submission deadline is March 21st) or at the March 28th meeting! Please contact Lisa Parker or Gillian Uy with any questions about the Think Big for Allenby campaign.