Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

There is something magical about the first day of school. The real reason for school made an appearance on Tuesday as the students poured into the hallways of freshly waxed floors, sporting new haircuts and backpacks, ready to learn and eager to meet their teachers and friends. The energy from the students was contagious (even If we had to have an indoor recess on day 1) promising an exciting 2017-18 school year at Allenby.

Safety is always of utmost importance and as such I ask that you assist us in ensuring the safety of all students at Allenby with the following:

  1. Parents picking up children who exit the main doors, we ask that you please wait at the bottom of the large staircase (field level) unless you are a parent of a child in Room 108B or 103, in which case you will wait by the raised outdoor garden.
  2. If your child is late, they must sign in at the office and similarly, if you are picking your child up during the school day please visit the office and not the classroom. If you need to drop off any item for your child, again, please visit the office and we will ensure your child receives the item.
  3. All visitors (including volunteers), please sign in at the office and collect a visitor’s badge. With over 500 Allenby families and so many new faces it is impossible for us to differentiate between a visitor and a stranger, without the badge.
  4. Please remember that many of our students have life-threatening allergies so it is essential that you adhere to the food restrictions that may be set up by your child’s teacher (based on the allergies of students in the classroom). As a school, we ask that no nut or nut products come to school at any time. Please inform the office immediately, if you have not already done so, about any serious medical conditions that we should be aware of.
  5. During the school day, student washrooms are not considered public washrooms and are to be used by Allenby students only.
  6. We are trying to alleviate congestion that occurs at the water fountain in the lunchroom. We ask that you send your child with a water bottle for lunch (that is separate than the one in class).
Thank you in advance for your support in ensuring the safety of all Allenby students. We are looking forward to an amazing year working as partners with parents and the Allenby community to provide the very best learning opportunities to our students.

Allenby Website
I apologize to families who have been on the Allenby website and seeing some items have not been updated for this school year. We are working diligently to update however, the platform used by the TDSB changed and I am watching YouTube videos and following pages of instructions in order to become familiar with this platform. The website will be updated fully by next Monday at the latest.

Tracey O’Toole