Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

As shared at the APA meeting last week, Allenby staff and parents worked collaboratively to develop the staffing models for next year. I have attached both of these models below (English and French Immersion Panels). The attached models are based on projected numbers determined by the planning department in the TDSB. Our projected student enrollment for the 2017-18 school year is 821 students which is quite accurate based responses from parents via the “Intentions for Next Year” form sent home in January. I thank you for completing and returning this information as this, along with communication to our parents, nearby daycares and nursery schools resulted in earlier registration for new junior kindergarten families and a more accurate picture of our enrollment for next year for me to present to the planning department in advance of our staffing allocation.

Please know that we still have two and a half months of school and we are focused on this year, not next. Parents will have the opportunity, like last year, to provide input for class placements, however that time is not now. A letter will be sent home in a month. Both Ms. Larosa and myself will not be meeting with parents to discuss placements, nor will classroom teachers. Your opportunity to provide input will be via the form sent home.

Please do not ask teaching staff their assignments for next year. Again, like last year teachers will answer the question, “What are you teaching next year?” with “Pool.”

Thank you once again for the continued partnership with the APA in the development of the staffing models. If you have questions regarding the models feel free to contact the Chair, Vice Chair or myself for clarification.

2017 Allenby English School List-Classroom Organization

2017 Allenby French School List-Classroom Organization

Tracey O’Toole