Chair’s Message

APA Survey

Our annual survey will be coming out through class reps in the next week or so. Please watch for it and please participate. It is a short electronic survey asking for your feedback on APA budgeting, spending and programs. As a parent in our school and our community, your opinions matter.

21st Century Learning Workshop

The last of a series of three workshops offered through our Ward 8 Council is scheduled for April 25th from noon to 3:30 at Flemington Public School. Having attended the previous two, I can say that these workshops are a great way to get inspired about your kids learning. The 21st Century Learning Workshop will focus discussion on preparing our youth for success in today’s globally connected, complex and rapidly changing world. Emmanuel Jal, an international peace activist and hip hop musician, will share his journey finding courage and innovative ideas through “My Life is Art”. A panel of students, educators and parents will provide some examples of 21st century learning in our schools .You will have the opportunity to work with a team from Allenby to brainstorm what 21st century learning might look like at our school. If you would like to participate, please email me by Tuesday April 18th.

Drop Zone

A big “Thank You” to the classes and parents that have helped out with Drop Zone over the last 4 weeks. We are so pleased to see that the volunteer schedule is filling up with names and traffic is moving well around the school (for the most part!). Please continue to avoid U-Turns in the school zone – plan your trip so that you are heading in the right direction after drop off. If you would like to take a turn at Drop Zone and can’t wait for your class’s week, please use this link to sign up.

Happy Passover, Easter and Long Weekend!
Lisa Parker