Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

As you open this newsletter (assuming of course that you excitedly open and read the weekly newsletter as it arrives in your inbox, which I am sure you do), I will be on Avenue Road. I will be joined by Toronto Police Services, hopefully Councillor Greb (based on City Council’s agenda), APA Representatives and some grade fives students who have been undertaking an inquiry project on traffic safety and accompanied me to North York City Council to address our concerns with speeding on Avenue Road and more broadly, traffic safety in our neighbourhood. This initiative is a pilot project by Toronto Police Services to issue speeding tickets with community members involvement to send a personal message about the impact of speeding on communities and in this case student safety. The grade five students will learn how to use a radar gun and once motorists are “pulled over” the students will step back while holding signs while the police officer and myself, the Councillor or parent provides a personal face and message about speeding in close proximity to our school.

Last night the APA passed a motion for funds to go towards new signage reminding our parent body about the Drop Zone and parking areas. As a school I am purchasing a large sign to go on the fence along Avenue Road with a message from the students of Allenby to motorists to please slow down. The design of the banner was developed in response to letters and graphics created by the same students joining me today on Avenue.
The Traffic Safety Task Force this year has, and continues to work tirelessly alongside me towards ensuring that every Allenby student has a safe passage to and from school. I also want to thank the volunteers who assist with the Drop Zone, please try to offer a morning to support our efforts.

The best way to assist us in our efforts is to model kindness when speaking to the volunteers and good driving behaviours to your children and other motorists travelling through our community. Namely, please do not park in areas marked as no parking, do not do u-turns in proximity to the school – this is unsafe and causes traffic congestion (having the Drop Zone on both St. Clements and Castlefield was designed to alleviate this). Finally, we are all busy. Please do not use this as rationale for endangering students. After all, if your driving were to cause an accident the very thing that you were rushed to get to would not seem so important in the end. Drive like your kids live here, because they do.

Thank you for your ongoing support with regards to student safety and if you are reading the newsletter soon after it was sent out please feel free to join us on Avenue Road this morning!

Tracey O’Toole