Chair’s Message

Thanks to all who attended last nights’ APA meeting. Allenby’s teacher librarian, Alanna Julian, spoke to parents about an online tool called “Academic Workspace” or “AW”. All students have access to AW using their 9 digit student number to log in. AW is full of resources and has a virtual library that can be used for research, there is a read aloud section where students can access audio books and the entire Allenby Library cataolgue of books can also be accessed, to name just a few. Recently, the school has started encouraging students to review the books they have read using AW’s “Read It” program. Looking for french resources? They are available on AW by clicking on “Francais”.

Alanna also spoke about the benefits of using google apps for word processing etc. Our children are using google apps at school and are being encouraged to use them at home. Once logged into their AW accounts, students can access their google docs from any computer – at home or at school. Google docs allows them to collaborate with other students and even their teacher, documents automatically save and google docs has voice typing. Alanna encouraged all parents to learn more about AW by asking our kids to “give us a tour”.

Tracey O’Toole spoke about class allocations for 2017/2018, Education Week and school renovations.

Once Allenby’s staffing model has been approved by the Superintendent, Tracey will share it with parents via the newsletter.

Education week is the first week of May. The school will be hosting a parent open house on Friday May 5th, where teachers and students will be showcasing their work on STEM. More information on the Open House will be coming from the school.

And, Allenby will be under construction once again as we get a new boiler system installed. The work is scheduled to start on April 17th and last through most of the summer. Most areas of the school will be impacted at some point and students may have to be relocated, on a class by class basis, for a day or two, while the old system is removed from their classrooms.

Finally, we passed a motion to spend up to $1000 on signage for our new drop zones and the kindergarten no parking zones. It was noted that the St. Clements Drop Zone has been successful in easing traffic congestion and we are thankful to all parents for their cooperation.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday May 31st. Mark you calendars now!

Lisa Parker