Chair’s Message

We will not be holding the APA meeting that was scheduled for next Wednesday June 21st.  The 2017/2018 APA budget was presented at the May meeting and will be discussed and voted on at the September 2017 meeting.

On behalf of all of the parents, we would like to thank the APA Executive Council for their efforts throughout the school year. We’ve had an amazing year with many highlights and impressive initiatives under the guidance of these parents.

  • APA Treasurer – Sarosh Nanavati
  • APA Secretaries – Valerie Midmer and Serin Benadiba
  • Directors of Fundraising – Meredith Palmer and Jennifer Lenk
  • Directors of Health and Wellness – Louise McCrindle and Amber Christie
  • Director of Community Awareness – Krista Chaytor
  • Director of Safety – David Heath
  • Director of School Programs – Lindsay Goldberg
Also, last call for RSVP’s to Mr. G’s and Mr. Osborne’s retirement celebration.

Gifts and Cards of Congratulations:  We are planning to present each retiree with a group gift from the entire Allenby Community. Please contribute through e-transfer to Cards of congratulations can also be brought to the school office.

Please open the e-vite for full details and to RSVP by June 16th.

We need all of your photos of the two retirees (our plan is to make a photobook for each of them):

  1. Uploading them through the evite (link above), or
  2. Emailing them to, or
  3. Uploading them to the shared google drive Pictures of G and Osborne
Lisa Parker and Gillian Uy