Chair’s message

A few weeks ago I reported on a math workshop that I had attended with a few other parents, teachers and our administration. The session was engaging, informative and got me thinking differently about math. It was the first session of a three-part series funded by our Ward 8 Council.

We are now looking forward to the second workshop of the series — Wellness, Thriving in Today’s World: Building Open Healthy Minds (see flyer). The Workshop aims to bring parents, teachers and administrators from multiple Ward 8 schools together to spend a morning gaining insights and developing ideas related to encouraging and fostering well-being within the students, school staff and families of our school. The speaker sounds incredible — Dr. Megan Popovic is a university professor, professional speaker, and certified life coach. Dr. Meg works with individuals, teams and organizations to develop resiliency, leadership, and emotional health.

The Wellness workshop is being held on Friday, February 24 from 9 am to 11:30 am at Flemington Public School (see map).

Please contact Lisa Parker by Monday, February 20 if you are interested in participating.

Lisa Parker