The TDSB is facing a total budget shortfall of $67.8 million. This week, staff submitted a proposed balanced 2019-20 Operating Budget to a special meeting of the Board’s Finance, Budget and Enrolment Committee (FBEC). Please note that the proposed budget reductions listed in the report are not final and are subject to change by FBEC and the Board of Trustees.

The report outlines staff’s proposed plan to balance the budget. While there are difficult decisions ahead, the goal has been, and will continue to be, ensuring that the impact on classrooms is minimized as much as possible, and that any impacts to staff will be dealt with through attrition wherever possible.

In the days to come, the Finance, Budget and Enrolment Committee will hold several meetings to discuss the budget. During these meetings, there will be a number of opportunities for public input. Once approved by the Committee, the budget will then proceed to a full Board meeting for final discussion and approval. Until such time, staff’s proposed budget reductions are not final.

To follow news about the budget process, please visit the TDSB’s budget website.

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