Sports Programs

House League Sports (school program)

House leagues sports are Allenby students versus Allenby students. Leagues are offered to both primary and junior students. Games occur during lunch hour; between 12:15 and 12:45 pm.

Primary students are signed up phys ed staff during gym class. Junior students are required to sign up on their own.

Primary sports:  floor hockey, soccer, softball

Junior sports:  soccer, dodgeball, touch football, softball

Intramural Sports (school program)

Intramural sports, coached by teachers, are offered to junior boys and girls in grades 4 to 6. Practices and games take place outside school hours against teams in our area. Playoff games are played against teams in other conferences (there are 4 conferences in Toronto). Playoff games and city finals (when we qualify) are sometimes played during school hours.

Boys teams include:  basketball, touch football, softball, hockey, and soccer

Girls teams include:  basketball, volleyball, softball, and soccer

Co-Ed Teams: cross-country running for grades 1to 6, track and field for grades 4 to 6, and swimming for grades 4 to 6

APA Baseball (APA program)

The APA organizes a softball and t-ball league in the spring. It is offered to all (and only) Allenby Public School students. It is coached and supervised by parent volunteers.

Baseball Coordinators — TBD