Program Registrations

The APA would like to introduce you to Amilia

Who is Amilia?

Amilia is not a person, but an online registration and payment system that the APA is using this school year. Like the school, we are moving to a solution that will provide families greater ease for payment and registration for APA programmes and activities.

Our goal is to have 100% of APA registrations and payment completed electronically by the end of the school year.

Why Amilia?

Our new online registrations and payments solution will:

  • Improve efficiency for the many volunteers that are currently handling all registrations and payments manually.
  • Reduce the handling of forms and cheques by students, thereby creating less traffic in the office and greater security for our payments.
  • Eventually eliminate all paper forms that are currently coming home.
  • Provide greater convenience for parents as all APA registrations and payments can be completed anywhere, anytime.

How does Amilia work?

Go to and click the Login button on the upper right corner. From there, click “Sign up” under the login instructions. You will be guided through the sign-up process.

You are now ready to add members. On the left hand side of the screen, you will see a section called “Members”. Click on that and click “+ Add a Person”. Add each child in your family who attends Allenby, providing their gender and birthdate.

Click on “Find an organization” (the orange rectangle on the lower left corner) and then type in Allenby. You will see Allenby Parents Association. Click on it and you will be directed to the “store” for the APA.

Now you are ready to sign-up for great things like Pizza lunch, After 4, and buy tickets for events like the Big Night Out, Lip Synch, and Fun Fair!

Registering my child for a programme or activity:

Click on the programme you want. Let’s use Pizza Lunch as an example. Select the kind of pizza your child wishes and the number of slices (e.g. one cheese slice). You will be asked to assign that selection to one of your members (e.g. your children). Select which child is getting the pizza, then click “checkout”. If you have more children to add to the activity, click “continue shopping” and follow the similar process.

When you are complete, click “checkout”.

At this point you can review your order. You can also choose to make your annual donation to the “Help Make Allenby Great” campaign (note: you can do this at any time during the year and can do it as a separate entry itself).

After you are satisfied with your order, click “Checkout”. You will be directed to an information page. Here you must complete the information for yourself and for EACH child you are “registering” for the activity.

For the children, you will be asked a number of questions (e.g. allergies, homeroom teacher and room number). Complete the required sections then click “continue”. You will then be directed to the payment screen. Enter your credit card information as instructed and then click “pay now”.

You will then get a confirmation of payment and you are done! It’s that easy!