About the APA

The Allenby Parents’ Association is a parent-run organization that provides support for your children’s education through communication and fundraising. The APA follows the school council guidelines as set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education. All parents with children attending Allenby Public School are members of the APA.

Here are just some of the school initiatives funded by the APA in a given school year:

  • Classroom grants
  • Experts in the School
  • Lice check 3 times a year
  • Character education programs
  • Grade 6 graduation yearbook and mural
  • Inter- and intramural sports
  • Literacy and music
  • STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)

APA Committees

The APA focuses its efforts on six main areas:

Community Awareness
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Health & Wellness
School Programs

Each area of focus is headed by an elected Director. This person oversees the activities pertaining to their area. The Directors ensure that all activities follow APA policies with respect to such policies as EcoSchools, allergy awareness, financial assistance and lice awareness.

Each area of focus is comprised of various APA committees. APA events and activities are planned with the needs and wishes of the majority in mind, while supporting the inclusion of all Allenby students. The APA’s approach will encourage cost effective and efficient use of all resources.

For further information about the APA and APA programs, please consult each committee’s web page on allenbyparents.com.