Class Reps

The class representative is the primary link between the APA Executive Team and the parent community of Allenby Public School. Each year, the APA solicits expressions of interest from the Allenby parents, and class representatives are chosen each year to ensure that all parents will have the opportunity to help at some point during their child’s time at Allenby.

The key responsibility of a class representative is to serve as a primary point of communication for parents through the distribution of relevant emails and coordination of school-wide gifts for staff and teachers. In some cases, teachers will call on the APA class representative to assist in the planning of class parties and events, and/or solicit volunteers for field trips and in-class activities where needed. Note that this will vary depending on the individual needs of the class and the teacher. The first point of contact for class reps is the Class Rep Coordinator. A complete description of the role is available here.

Class Representative Coordinatior – Melanie Weckworth