The APA is a parent-run organization that aims to enrich Allenby students’ education, in collaboration with the school, through unique programs and initiatives supported by fundraising efforts and community partnerships. The funds raised by the APA provide for many important initiatives at Allenby that the school might not otherwise be able to run.

Did you know?

  • 100% of all donations are used to support the school.
  • There are over 500 families in the Allenby community with over 800 students. The APA suggests that each family donate $50 per child (to the APA Make an Impact Annual Donation Campaign); but all giving is voluntary. That amount is calculated based on the per child spending of the APA.
  • The APA is a registered charity. All donations are tax-deductible and will receive a receipt.
  • The APA appreciates gifts of any amount. We appreciate your support, always.

Thank you to all our donors who make these programs possible; on behalf of all our students and teachers, we appreciate your continuous support of our school. Please get involved in our work and consider lending your time, talent and treasure in any way that you can do so; Allenby Public School needs you!

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on APA Fundraising.

Director – Jen Lenk

Calendar of Giving

There are three different organizations that fundraise within the school, throughout the school year. Families may hear of fundraising initiatives from:

  1. Allenby Parent Association (APA)
    Raises funds, in accordance with Ontario Ministry guidelines, to provide programs and initiatives that enhance the learning experience of all Allenby students. All donations are voluntary and events are inclusive, non-discriminatory and voluntary.
  2. Allenby
    The school, led by the Principal, chooses to support charities on a school-wide basis that are sponsored or supported by TDSB. The purpose of these events is to engage students in organizing and fundraising, and to get the students involved in a meaningful way.
  3. TDSB
    Raises funds for third parties at the discretion of the Principal. They are allowed to select from a list of “pre-packaged programs” that tie to curriculum in some manner. Will also raise funds for international crises as they come up through “special” one-time drives.

ALL funds are separate and used for different purposes.

“Special” requests can come directly from the TDSB as a reaction to specific global situations and therefore can’t be predicted.

The Calendar of Giving outlines the fundraising campaigns from all sources you can expect throughout the year, so that each family can make their own fundraising decisions in accordance with their own values and budget.