Last Math Challenge of the Year

This week’s Math challenge is a Scavenger Hunt. Take pictures while completing the challenge and post your answers and/or pics @AllenbyPS_TDSB

  1. How high can you jump?
  2. What is an object in your backyard, park, schoolyard that is one metre long?
  3. How many prime numbers come before 100?
  4. How many jumping jacks can you do in one minute?
  5. How many nickels are in twenty dollars?
  6. What do all the numbers on a computer keyboard add up to?
  7. How long is the Allenby field?
  8. What is the circumference of your head?
  9. How many plants can you identify in Allenby’s garden?
  10. How many stacked quarters make 5 centimetres?
  11. How tall do you think you will be when you are an adult?
  12. How old will you be in the year 2057?
  13. How quickly can you run the Allenby track?
  14. How long is your bedroom?
  15. If every Allenby student and staff member stood in a line (850) how long would the line be?
  16. If you divided the kids in your class into pairs, how many pairs would there be?
  17. How far can you count by 2s quickly without making a mistake?
  18. Would you rather have $100 or 350 quarters?
  19. How many times did you log on to an iPad, chrome book or computer during remote learning?
  20. How many days until we return to school?

Remember to tweet out your solutions @AllenbyPS_TDSB