Information about Volunteering in a TDSB School

As we begin planning for the new school year,  please note that new TDSB volunteering policy comes into effect requiring anyone who volunteers on more than one occasion during the school year to submit a current Police Reference Check (PRC). Volunteering includes field trips, reading, supporting in a classroom, etc. So if you would like to attend more than one field trip this is required. If you are interested in volunteering on a regular basis at Allenby PS, a current criminal background check is required and a confirmation of the check must be submitted to Allenby. Summer is generally a good time to have a PRC completed and ready in time for the fall as the wait time can be lengthy.You can submit the application form directly to the police department and then in the September bring the original to the school. If you want to volunteer in a bigger capacity and you can fill out a volunteer application form when you bring in the PRC.

Toronto Police Service Reference Check Form (print and complete)

Thank you to all of our volunteers who come in to help in many different capacities (e.g., in the classrooms, as Reading Angels, assisting on school trips, etc.) your help is very much appreciated!

Deborah Zamin
Vice Principal