COVID-19 Testing – Tips on Collecting Saliva

As was communicated by Tracey O’Toole a couple of weeks ago, SickKids has supplied Allenby Public School with saliva test kits, for quick and easy COVID-19 testing. These kits allow Allenby families to take a saliva test at home and drop it off either to Allenby PS for courier pickup (once we return to school on April 19), or directly to SickKids Hospital. To further assist our families, we wanted to send out some helpful tips on how to collect a saliva sample when there is a need for a test.

  • Ensure your child is hydrated. Have your child drink a glass of water 1-2 hours before testing. Note: Please ensure your child does not drink or eat 30 minutes before collecting the sample.
  • Gently rub your child’s cheeks against their teeth and gums to encourage saliva production.
  • Have your child make chewing motions, while thinking of their favourite foods.
  • Have your child smell citrus such as a lemon or lime!
  • Be patient! For some children this may be an easy exercise, and for others this may take time.

Watch this reference video: COVID 19 Saliva Testing for Children – Sick Kids