A Home for Your Gently Used Children’s Books – May 7-18

Do you have gently used children’s books that your family has outgrown? Would you like to see those books in the hands of children who do not have their own books?

The Children’s Book Bank is a charitable organization whose mission is to provide gently used books and literacy support to the children of low- income families in Canada. The Children’s Book Bank is aimed at children up to Grade Six and operates like a children’s bookstore, though the books are available to the children free of charge. In addition to supplying free books to the children, The Children’s Book Bank also offers informal literacy support such as readings and story hours.

Please help us to support The Children’s Book Bank by donating your gently used children’s books. Please take care to ensure that the donated books are gently used and are suitable for children up to grade six. No teen novels or adult books please. There will be drop boxes outside the main office from May 7-18.

If you have any questions please email Julie Snyder.