Traffic & Safety update

Last week, Tracey O’Toole and members of the APA met with City Councillor Christin Carmichael Greb, Toronto Police Services and City Transportation Services to discuss the high incidence of accidents at the corner of Avenue Road and Castlefield and the speed of traffic along Avenue Road. The Allenby Daycare and the North Toronto Early Years Learning Centre also participated. A letter summarizing action items from the meeting has been provided by the Councillor’s office and can be found here.

As you are likely aware, a sign restricting left turns and straight throughs during peak times was posted at this corner in the early fall. Yet still, accidents are happening and in some cases cars are ending up on the very sidewalk that our children use to walk to and from school.

The city is working to install signage ahead of the intersection to warn motorists of the turning and straight through restrictions and has also committed to installing barriers along the east sidewalk between St. Clements and Castlefield. We are grateful for that progress; however, we feel it’s not enough to keep our students safe. We’d like the turn restriction sign to be more visible, we’d like to have a crossing guard at that corner and we’d like police services to help us slow down traffic on the school zone stretch of Avenue Road. We are advocating for these and other things.

Earlier this year, we had formed a Traffic and Safety Task Force and we are hoping to resurrect that Task Force. Whether you attended the first meeting or not please contact Lisa Parker if you are interested. We will be scheduling a meeting for January to get started on a variety of projects including (but not limited to) advocacy for photo radar on our stretch of Avenue Road, line painting in the Kindergarten Zone and the bus loading zone, traffic sign campaign and design, Kiss ‘N’ Ride program build out and communications.

In the meantime, please follow the traffic rules around our school. We expect our children to follow rules and so we should too!