Traffic safety

As we head back to school, there is a lot of buzz about traffic and pedestrian safety. The Toronto Police Services Safety blitz is welcomed at the corner of our school. The safety of our children is a priority for all of us, and as parents we MUST do our part too!

Here are a few of the initiatives at Allenby to help improve safety for our kids:
Whenever possible – Walk, Bike or Park and walk a block.

If you need to drive:

Kiss-N-Ride (KNR)
Offered at morning drop off for students grades 1-6 between 8:35-8:50 (note time change) on the North Side of Castlefield Ave.  How it works: pull up at the curb and a KNR volunteer opens your doors and makes sure your kids arrive safely to the playground. No need to park, just simply kiss-n-ride!

Keep the Kiss N Ride and Kindergarten Zone clear
There is no parking on the north side of Castlefield Ave from Avenue Rd to past the kindergarten playground during morning drop off. This is to keep traffic flowing smoothly and keep our youngest students around the kindergarten yard safe.

Keep the Bus Zone on St. Clements clear
There is no parking in the bus zone on St. Clements Ave. The school busses need to access that area to drop children safety at the school.

Keep it moving
Although the streets around Allenby are two way, driving WEST on Castlefield and EAST on St. Clements during drop off and pick up keeps traffic moving. These streets aren’t wide and with parked cars (and snow banks when the time comes), at times two way traffic is not possible.

New Traffic Signs at Castlefield and Avenue Rd
Become familiar with the new traffic signs at Castlefield and Avenue. This is one way to make that crosswalk safer for the many students using it daily, as well as our neighbours at North Toronto Early Learning Centre.

Be courteous
Remember, our children are watching our behaviour when we drive. Please be courteous to all drivers and to our neighbours along Castlefield and St. Clements. Do not block driveways. Be patient. We are all working together to make our school safe.