Top 10 Ways to reduce congestion around Allenby and keep our kids safe!

  1. Travel WEST on Castlefield and EAST on St. Clements (with the snow it makes the roads even narrower, if we treat these streets as one way, traffic will flow much smoother).
  2. Avoid 3-point turns or u-turns within the school zone (especially where children are crossing).
  3. School Bus Zone on St. Clements is for school busses only.
  4. Accessible Parking zone on St. Clements to be used only by those with a permit.  It should be kept clear at all times for the safety of our students, parents and grandparents who require this parking spot. (Note: a $450 fine comes along with parking in an accessible spot without permit).
  5. Kindergarten Zone on Castlefield should be kept clear at all times – not only does this keep our students safe, but allows for optimal traffic flow. (This is also a tow away zone.)
  6. Use Kiss N Ride for Drop off on Castlefield-Between 8:40-9am, we have committed volunteers to safely assist students arriving in Grade 1-6. No need to park, just pull up to the Kiss N Ride Zone and drop off your child(ren).
  7. Keep Kiss N Ride Zone clear in the morning (the north side of Castlefield from Avenue Rd – Kindergarten Playground).
  8. Carpool with neighbours and friends.
  9. Park and walk a block- leave a few minutes early, reduce your parking stress and get some walking in!
  10. Walk to school-This is the best way to reduce congestion and promote Health and Safety.