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Anti-Bullying Parent Education Seminar

The John Ross Robertson NPA is hosting a Parent Education seminar on the topic of bullying on April 19th, at 7pm. This will be held in the gym at JRR (130 Glengrove Ave. West). The speaker is Miriam Granger, MSW, RSW from the Hospital for Sick Children. With over 20 years of clinical and research […]

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APA Speaker Series – Bullying Prevention

Please welcome Anthony McLean, Bullying Prevention expert () for our final APA Speaker Series: Mon. April 15th, 7-8:30pm, Allenby Library. Childcare available. Topics covered include: The difference between conflict and bullying How to get kids to talk about what’s happening at school The right time to talk to a teacher about bullying Is it healthy […]

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Anti Bullying

During the past few weeks, most teachers have been working with their classes on anti-bullying lessons. One of the most difficult distinctions for children, especially the younger ones is that between being a tattle tale and an appropriate reporting of an incident. Students are told that they should not stand by when they witness people […]

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