Spiritwear Update

Thanks again to everyone who placed an order for the exciting all-new line of Allenby Spiritwear!

2020 has asked for our collective patience and understanding on so many things, and our Spiritwear orders are unfortunately going to be another thing on that list. There have been some delays with our supplier, and not all of the items arrived as scheduled.

What we do have in our hands are the toques, masks, sticker sheets and drawstring bags. The joggers are expected to arrive by the end of this week. Yet to arrive are the hoodies and T-Shirts – expected in January.

If you ordered any toques, masks, sticker sheets, drawstring bags or joggers and urgently need them for gifts before the holidays, please email Lindsay Goldberg to arrange for pick-up from her house or drop-off to yours. If you are able to wait until the new year for your items, thank you…and stay tuned! We will be back in touch in January once everything has arrived to arrange distribution.

Thanks everyone for your patience!