Spirit Day—Nov. 30

Dear Parents,

As you might already be aware, we have changed the clothing choice for today’s Anti-Bullying Awareness Spirit Day. Later in the year, we will have the opportunity to come dressed in pink t-shirts. For today, we invite staff and students to come dressed in ODD SOCKS. The mismatched sock look represents speaking up for others and respecting all people regardless of appearances, personal choices or preferences.

We look forward to seeing our Allenby community dressed in the oddest mismatched socks today

Here are some links bellow to help guide your discussions with your children. Please show the videos to your children to help them understand the significance of the odd socks.

Anti-Bullying Week 2018: Choose Respect

Anti-Bullying Week: Official Primary Link

Anti-Bullying Week: Official Secondary Link

Andy and the Odd Socks: ‘CHOOSE RESPECT’