Second Lice Check of the Year

Our second  lice check of the 2011/2012 school year will be held on Monday, February 6th (all day) and Tuesday, February 7th (probably only until lunch time).

Please ensure your child has clean hair for these dates!

Parent volunteers are needed to escort classes to and from the lice check station.

Two parent volunteers are needed for each of the following shifts on BOTH Monday, February 6th and up until lunch time on the Tuesday, February 7th. One of these volunteers is dedicated to the kindergarten wing.
You are NOT checking hair – we have a fabulous team of professionals that do that for us. All we need you for is escorting/supervising classes to/at the lice check station

1)    9.00 -9.50
2)    9.50-10.40
RECESS (Break from checking)10.40-10.55
3)    10.55 -11.45
LUNCH (Break from checking)11.45-12.45
4)    12.45 – 1.35
5)    1.35 – 2.30
RECESS (Break from checking) 2.30 – 2.45
6)    2.45 – 3.35

Contact Megan Dennis at to volunteer. In your email let me know your first and second choice of shifts (don’t forget to state which day).

Please visit the lice squad website at for more useful information.