Rose Reisman Hot Lunch Update

Thank you all for your patience as we introduce the APA’s new hot lunch program. We are very excited about the program and the variety and flexibility it offers families and students.

On Wednesday, we saw a lunch program that that ran smoothly and seamlessly, almost as if the lunches had been packed at home and brought to school by students! Rose Reisman Catering served lunch to 175 Allenby students, over two lunch periods, including our once excluded Kindergarten students. There were many happy faces, and well fed students.

Some important information to note:

Dessert/Snack Items

In keeping with the The Ministry of Education’s Food and Beverage policy, some items will be removed from the Hot Lunch menu for the new ordering cycle that begins in January. Specifically, these are the dessert items. Going forward, we are asking parents to refrain from ordering desserts as part of your child’s lunch. If you have already placed your orders and you have included dessert items, you have the option of removing them from your order, and being credited for the items. The affected items include:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies,
  • Mini Brownies,
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies,
  • Rice Krispie Treats and
  • Cake Pops.

Ordering Tips

  1. Always ensure that you receive a confirmation email when your ordering process has been completed. The confirmation means that your order has been received and placed.
  2. In case of student absence, you can always cancel your order by 9am on the day of lunch. Call Rose Reisman Catering directly to have your lunch cancelled and your account credited.
  3. Try new menu items if you child was unhappy with their lunch on a specific day. With so many lunch options on the menu, there will likely be something for even the pickiest eaters!