Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

Join us on November 29th for the APA Meeting
Every year we look at short term and long term goals and objectives and review our School Improvement Plan. For 2017-2018, like other schools within the TDSB, we are focused on growth in 3 key areas: Student Achievement, Equity and Well-Being. We utilize a variety of data sources to inform our practice, such as report card data, attitude surveys, school climate surveys, EQAO results and ongoing assessments. On November 29th, at the APA Meeting, I will be sharing with parents/ guardians our School Improvement Plan, our School Budget and how it aligns with our goals and the APA’s budget for this school year, and the school’s EQAO results from 2016-17. Your perspective is an important part of this process and I encourage you to attend on the 29th.

Address Verification
Allenby Public School is closed to optional attendance. This means that we are unable to accept students living outside our designated boundaries (based on home address). We will be conducting a review of home addresses in the coming month. If you have moved and you no longer reside within our boundaries, we are not able to accommodate your child as we are overcapacity. Please notify the office immediately of any address changes (for student safety and for boundary review purposes). Families who inform the school of such changes will have the opportunity to discuss transition timelines. Those who choose not to disclose changes of address may be subject to a more abrupt school change, which is not in the best interest of your child(ren). Please click HERE to explore our school boundaries. Additionally, you can enter your address to the left of this page and your home school will be provided. Please note that the optional attendance status is updated every January for admission in September. Our status in currently closed and is recommended to remain closed for the 2018-19 school year.

Tracey O’Toole