Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

Spirit Day

Today we celebrated Caribbean Beach Day while bringing awareness to the devastation caused by recent hurricanes and supporting the Red Cross in their relief efforts. This year, all spirit days will be tied to learning about an issue, event or cause for the month. Classroom teachers are signing up to bring awareness to a cause while educating students about the world beyond their own backyard. Thank you for all of your support.


Next week is Halloween and we recognize that not all students and families observe this celebration. At Allenby, there will be some classroom parties and festivities on Tuesday afternoon and we have our Halloween parade beginning at 2:45 for kindergarten classes and 3:00 for grade 1-6 classes. Many Allenby classes will be participating in our pumpkin decorating contest as well taking place on Tuesday. On Monday afternoon I will be offering a presentation, for any interested classes, on bats sharing my knowledge and previous research on these small mammals.

Please inform your child’s teacher if you would prefer that your child not participate in Halloween festivities. We are committed to providing an inclusive environment by ensuring that all students feel welcomed and that all children are engaged in meaningful programming.

Please remember the following expectations for Halloween:

  • Costumes for school may not depict violence (blood, weapons, etc.)
  • Fake weapons (guns, swords, knives, etc.) are not permitted at school, as per our Safe School Policy
  • Culture is not a costume – costumes should be fun and creative and avoid anything that would demean, stereotype, appropriate, or mock, different races, genders, religions, or cultures
  • Costumes are to be worn only in the afternoon only UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED BY THE CLASSROOM TEACHER
  • Parents joining us for the parade, are to remain on the field (turf), in the event of rain the parade will take place inside the school but given the size of Allenby we cannot accommodate parents
Tracey O’Toole