Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

This is a busy week at Allenby! In addition to speaking at Queen’s Park on Monday in collaboration with the APA in support of Bill 65 as it pertains to photo radar in school zones (read the APA Chair’s message for further details), Allenby staff are engaged in a number of professional development opportunities tied to our year long focus on 21st century learning. In addition to our monthly PLCs (which this month is connected to how we will document our STEM units to share with parents and each other on May 5th), teaching staff are engaged in one of the following teacher collaborative inquiries and will be released for a half day in their groups to work with our leaning coach to support their learning:

  • How can Chromebooks/ Tablets be used effectively in the classroom to impact student learning and achievement?
  • How can we embed design thinking and entrepreneurial thinking in the classroom?
  • How can iPads be used effectively in the primary classroom to transform and document student learning?
  • How can coding be integrated effectively into different curriculum areas in my program?
  • How can interactive whiteboards transform the teaching and learning in the classroom?
  • How can we launch student-directed inquiry more effectively while utilizing everyday objects?

Just as teaching staff are engaged in collaborative inquiry, Sandra and myself as engaged in a shared administrative inquiry focused on Global Competencies and we are opening our doors on Friday afternoon to our colleagues from 13 other schools to see the work that is happening at Allenby tied to 21st century learning and how we extending our learning as administrators to implement intentional measures to support creativity and innovation in the classrooms and the school. We look forward to sharing some of this with you on May 5th at our STEM Showcase from 2:30-3:30 (an invitation was in last week’s APA Newsletter).

This evening eleven teachers, Sandra and myself are meeting to discuss our learning with regards to an online course we are taking. The course, entitled “How to Learn Math: for Teachers and Parents” is offered through Stanford university and provides an 8 part webinar led by Jo Boaler, professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford Graduate School of Education and the author of a number of books focused on Math education and growth mindset. The course is leading to rich dialogue and connects to our STEM focus and School Improvement Plan. The thirteen of us will be meeting twice during the course to discuss our learning, implications for the classroom and teaching and how to share this learning with our colleagues. To learn more about our work at Allenby with math instruction and growth mindset, and how to support your child with math, join us for a workshop during the next APA meeting in May.

Tracey O’Toole