Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

This year we have had a focus at Allenby on 21st Century learning including STEM. The partnership with the APA in funding has allowed us to create an Innovation Lab in the library (used daily by students) which is outfitted with:

  • Technological problem-solving tools (including hand saws, hand drills, mitreboards, and gussets to name a few)
  • Robotics and coding instruments (EV3, WeDo, Dash and Dot) allowing us to not only introduce these into our classroom instruction but also start the first Robotics Club at Allenby (with over 80 students participating)
  • Everyday materials to be used for building, creativity and innovation
  • STEM kits allowing students to create and design their own invention
  • Picturebooks tied to STEM to make connections between literacy and STEM
  • Ensure that all classrooms at Allenby are outfitted with an interactive whiteboard or data projector and document camera.
  • Provide technology in order to allow students to demonstrate their learning using 21st century tools, including:
    • Three ipads in every kindergarten class and a set of five ipads in every grade 1 and 2 classroom
    • A cart of chromebooks for grade 3 classes and a cart for grade 4 classes
    • Two sets of ipads to be utilized by our digital literacy specialist teachers, teaching every kindergarten to grade 3 class providing students with the skills to incorporate technology in a meaningful and integrated approach in the junior grades
  • Support professional learning for all teaching staff through monthly Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) while Allenby students participate in Groove Dance program allowing teachers to become familiar with the tools in the Innovation lab, 21st Century Competencies and to co-plan cross curricular STEM units.

Please join us during Education Week, on Friday, May 5 from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm, to learn about the great STEM happenings at Allenby. Mark your calendars, leave work early on a Friday and be inspired!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tracey O’Toole