Principal’s message

Dear Parents,

Traffic safety is an issue that is brought to my attention on a weekly, if not daily basis, at Allenby. Safety of students is paramount and that includes the safety of the over 800 students to and from school. This is a concern addressed by staff, parents, the APA, community members and also students. Our new Safety Task Force involves all of these partners. Some of our grade five classes have been learning about government and as part of this unit they assisting in this concerted effort by; writing to our City Councillor requesting a crossing guard (in addition to a letter signed by the APA and myself), designing a banner for the fence-line on Avenue reminding drivers to obey the speed limit, helping to create reminders to place on windshields for vehicles parked in our school bus loading zone and kindergarten zone. Other grade five students have created google slide presentations tied to issues in their community of which Zoe Figert identified traffic safety at Allenby as a concern she felt needed to be addressed. I have attached her presentation (with her permission). She gives student voice to some of the main concerns identified by the Safety Task Force.

I believe that we can make significant changes, in partnership with the City, to ensure that Allenby students are safe on their journey to school every day. I also believe though that many of the changes required need to be made by us, namely; walking to school whenever possible, obeying road signs, parking in designated areas (every time I am out at Kiss ‘n Ride I am told by multiple parents “I didn’t see the sign” – you see it, please obey it), avoiding 3 point turns in the proximity of the school, volunteering a day or a week to support our new Drop Zone.

We all need to work together, remember your children are watching.

Tracey O’Toole