Principal’s message

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow the attached letter will be sent home to JK to Grade 5 parents asking them to express their intentions for whether their child(ren) will remain at Allenby next year. This request was a result of receiving our projected enrolment for next year. Please do not think that my mind is shifting to next year. Not yet, it is only January. It is natural this time of year for teaching staff and parents to start to think of the next school year. As a principal, I have a lot to accomplish in the next five months. As a school, we have a lot to accomplish. As parents, please focus on the now and ask your child(ren) to do the same. I have two teenagers at home. I pause as I type this because it was only yesterday that they were toddlers (and I like to tell myself that I am too young to have teenagers which is clearly not the case). Time goes far too fast, don’t make it go faster. Next year will come soon enough. As I always have, I will communicate with you. I will share with you the staffing process, student placement process and everything else tied to next year. Right now is not that time, we have too much to do to make the next five months great!

Kindergarten Registration

Our kindergarten registration is taking place on February 9th and 10th (at 9:15 am in the lunchroom).
It is important that we have a clear understanding of our kindergarten numbers in order to avoid a reorganization in the fall. We will be date stamping registration packages this year to consider in the event of reorganization so if you are unable to join us on these dates please let us know and visit the office the following week.
Please bring your child’s birth certificate or passport, as well as their immunization record and health card and two pieces of address verification (i.e., utility bill, credit card statement, driver’s license).

New Students

Each year we have a number of new grade one students who have attended other programs in the kindergarten years in addition to new students in other grades. If you have a child joining us next year and live in the area, please come register in February.

Tracey O’Toole