Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely Winter Break spent with family and friends and it has been great connecting with staff and students to hear about the amazing adventures taken over the last two weeks.

I am writing this week about a subject that isn’t very exciting, in fact it will result in you feeling itchy at best.. I am writing about lice. This week we did a whole school lice check with Nit Works and we have another planned for April. Yesterday letters were been sent home with children from a number classes at Allenby as we had twenty reported cases of lice.

As a precaution we encourage parents to check your child’s hair periodically and report to the school any presence of head lice. This allows us to send home the appropriate information regarding treatment and follow-up. Additionally, if your child has been treated for lice we ask that you report to the office following their return to school, as students did today.

Head lice can be passed to others and stead by head to head contact and sometimes by contact with clothing: hats, brushes, hair-bands, etc. Please remind your child not to be sharing such items and thank you for helping us control this condition which is a common problem at this time of year.

If you would like some more information here is a fact sheet by Toronto Public Health. Please note that there has been some resistance to the medical shampoos on the market and the lice comb (metal comb with no space between the teeth) is a great product to use.

Are you scratching your head yet?

Tracey O’Toole