Mr. G and Mr. Osborne Are Retiring!

Please join us on at 4:30 on June 22 to celebrate the contributions of these incredible Allenby teachers.

Open the e-vite for full details and to RSVP by June 9.

We are looking for contributions to help in making this celebration just as amazing as these two teachers have been in their time at Allenby:

Gifts and cards of congratulations: We are planning to present each retiree with a group gift from the entire Allenby Community. If you would like to contribute, please place (cash only) contributions, in an envelope, in the bin located in the school office. All contributions will be split evenly between Mr. G and Mr. Osborne unless otherwise specified. Cards of congratulations can also be placed in the bin (please mark them separately).

Contributions of food and beverages for the event (the APA is buying the cake): Please sign up for items listed in the sign up –  I can provide food/beverages for the celebration!

All of your photos of the two retirees (our plan is to make a photobook):

1. Uploading them through the evite (link above), or
2. Emailing them to, or
3. Uploading them to the shared google drive Pictures of Mr. G and Mr. Osborne

Please contact Lisa Parker or Gillian Uy with any questions/comments/ suggestions.

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