Discover Local APA’s Online Auction

The APA Auction Committee has been very busy collecting amazing items for this year’s online auction! Despite the difficult situations, local businesses have been extremely generous. We are also so grateful to all of the parents that have reached out with contributions! And, our teaches and staff have been busy putting together unique experiences for our students to bid on as well! This week, we are very excited to give families a sneak peak of the 2021 Allenby Experiences!

Mme Chase Room 103
Pizza and games with Mme Chase! Enjoy a medium pizza at home and Mme Chase will have one at her house. Then play some games together online.

Ms. Haghini Room 203
Create your own “All About Me” Kahoot game to be played with the students in Room 203.

Mr. Barta Gym
We will organize a one hour gym experience for up to 20 students. Play some basketball, floor hockey or other team games with your class or peers.

Mme. Salerno Room 202
Pizza Lunch & Just Dance Party and Teacher for ½ Day

Mme. Payne Room 214
Make the biggest, drippiest, messiest ice cream sundae you can with Mme Payne! Over a lunch hour, up to five students (from one cohort) can come for this sweet and sticky treat. They’ll pick their favourite flavours, sauces, and toppings and dive into their giant bowls!

VP LaMarche
Extra recess (30minutes) for your class and your teacher gets to take a prep!

Ms. Alvarez Room 004
Pizza lunch with Ms. Alvarez!

Ms. Anderson & Ms. Witcher Room 102
Join Ms Anderson and Ms Witcher for a Springtime Ice Cream Sundae Celebration in the Allenby Garden.

Ms. McGee Room 215
Pizza and water colours: Join Ms McGee for a picnic pizza lunch during first lunch 11:20-12:20. We will eat and create while enjoying nature coming to life in the garden!

Ms. Dobkin-Kurtz Drama
Chicken Noodle Soup Anyone? You and three friends will have a blast learning some fun hip hop dance crazes such as the Cha Cha Slide and Chicken Noodle Soup. Join Mrs. Dobkin Kurtz for a 30 minute dance party one day during lunch recess!

Ms. Bedder Room 114
Mini-prof (teacher for an afternoon): one student will get to be teacher of room 114 for a Friday afternoon. Duties include: choosing our lunchtime movie, taking attendance, deciding what our afternoon activity/lesson will be, choosing when we go out for recess, picking the theme of and running the class Kahoot and will get a special teacher gift from Mme Bedder!

Ms. Dorsey & Ms. Ianosev Room 105
Let’s do Skip the Dishes or Uber Eats for Lunch!

Ms. Banerjee & Ms. Raileanu Room 110
Zoom card-making session. Ms Banerjee and Ms Raileanu will drop off a kit to your home in advance containing materials to make six unique birthday cards on Zoom, together, between 4:30 – 5 pm on an agreed upon date.

Ms. Charenzenko and Ms. Jordan Room 108A
Decorate cookies with Ms C and Ms Jordan

Principal O’Toole
Class Pizza Lunch, in the spring, in Eglinton Park!

Due to Covid, students will only be able to participate in experiences that maintain cohorts, including only bidding on experiences with their own classroom teacher (Exceptions include Phys Ed, Drama and Principal/VP experiences)

Details on how to participate in the APA’s Discover Local Online Auction will be provided in next week’s newsletter. The auction will open at 9 am on Monday, February 22nd and close at 6 pm on Sunday, February 28th.