Newsletter Submission Guidelines

How the submission process works

  • Send your submission to the APA newsletter coordinators at
  • The coordinators format and send a draft of the newsletter to the chairs for approval.
  • The newsletter is sent by email each Friday (except when a PD day or holiday falls on a Friday, in which case the newsletter will be sent out on Thursday).  See below for submission deadlines.

What content is appropriate?

  • The Allenby Updates contain information of interest to Allenby parents about things going on at Allenby.
  • If your information includes a topic that has been sent in a previous newsletter (e.g. pizza lunch, lice check, APA meeting information and agenda, fun fair, big night out, lip synch, registration forms, Eco-school, intramurals, After 4 program, Parking, etc.) then you know the content is acceptable.
  • If your subject is new, then the APA chairs will determine if it is appropriate in the draft stage.

What do I need to send?

  • The newsletter coordinators require a written “blurb” for the newsletter, as well as any attachments (such as registration forms).
  • Since the newsletter coordinators cut and paste the “blurb” into a pre-formatted box, do not waste time making your blurb look eye-catching with special fonts, colours or sizes. Only the newsletter coordinators will see your gorgeous formatting.
  • If you have a picture (like the Allenby Fun Fair logo) that you’d like to include, attach it to your email. (.JPG, .PNG or .GIF format please)
  • Word (.doc or .docx), PDF, or text are all acceptable formats for attachments.


  • If the newsletter coordinators do not receive everything (blurb and any attachments) by the deadline, your information may not be in that week’s newsletter.
  • If the newsletter coordinators have any questions or find a typo that they cannot make sense of, they will email you as soon as possible. If the newsletter coordinators do not hear back from you by the deadline, and can’t figure out what to do,they may decide not to include your information that week.
  • If you know you will have something to go in the newsletter and you cannot make the deadline, please contact the newsletter coordinators. They can usually accommodate if they know ahead of time (especially if your content is pre-approved).


  • Wednesday noon – Newsletter coordinators must receive all necessary information
  • Thursday 6 pm – Newsletter coordinators send draft to APA chairs for approval
  • Friday 10:00 am – Newsletter is sent

If the APA newsletter will be sent on Thursday rather than Friday due to a holiday or PD day, the deadlines above will fall one day earlier (e.g. the newsletter coordinators must receive all necessary information by Tuesday noon).


  • Most of the APA newsletter information gets posted on the APA website as well. If you would prefer that your submission not be posted to the website, or want it to be different from the newsletter “blurb,” please advise the website coordinator and supply her with the alternative content.
  • If you find mistakes on the APA website please let the website coordinator know at
  • Note that school news (from the office) does not usually go on the APA website. School news will appear on the school website at

People involved

Sherine Kerr-Stewart and  Shima Aoki are the APA newsletter coordinators and Janine MacNeil runs the APA website.